LB pillion with James Toseland at Doni!

Our very own Johnny Bravo had the opportunity to go on an exclusive trackday and rub shoulders (literally) with James Toseland!
Check out his great article here -

Nice one Ben!

PS. part two is coming.

And how did he manage to get that? Lucky thing…I quite fancy JT (but don’t tell my boyf) :stuck_out_tongue:

no way!!! i hate u!!! hot hot hot he is!!!

Gurls calm down, the ride didn’t include the chance to give James a reach 'round.

Johny was proper upset when he found out!

didn stop him trying though:P

i’ve no idea what you mean…;



Caption competition,


No Mate, ya hands go there!


But I wanna see how big ya balls really are


Lucky Ba**ard, Once in a life time thing that aint it, well jealous and great write up I must say. :slight_smile:

haha, cheers mate

how about ‘squeeze if you wanna go faster?’

You made me LOL!