LB Movers Club

Just putting it out there…here goes…

Can anyone help with moving us on Sat 18th Sept - i.e next Saturday.

I have been doing removal quotes and they are mega expensive so we’re gonna do it ourselves. We’ll have our own van but need hands on help with moving furniture etc. The baby is gonna be shipped off to my folks for the weekend so I’ll be at least of some use. Chip shop lunch will be included!

We’re moving from South Woodford to St Mary Cray (just off A20)

PM me if you can help out.


Me and Lew are both working that day… otherwise would have helped out. Its only down the road from us :D:D

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Trying to re-organise a couple of things so will let you know tonight hopefully:P

I can help you and Andrew load some heavy stuff into a van at south woodford during the 18th morning but can’t come to st cray as need to stay around East as I will be between the Wharf and Chigwell.

You have me on fbook if that is of any use.


Sorry Lou, if I could I would but tucked up all that weekend.

Good luck with the move.

Finally getting away from Pat Butcher downstairs, huzzah!

Sorry but we’ll be at the Barnet v Bradford game, if it was tomorrow no problem as Barnet are playing away.

I may have to work that weekend. (God it been ages) :frowning: If not you might have the use of me and my car, if I can arrange somewhere to crash for the weekend.

You’re moving TO St.Mary Cray? I thought people only moved from there.

More seriously, welcome to Gods county. Good for getting to London, good for getting away from London. Just don’t forget to get your Resident’s Visa when you cross the Thames. We still eat our young and visitors down here.

I’m only three miles away. If you need help this end, PM and I’ll give you a mobile number.

I really cant do the 18th and I really wanted to help you with this :crying: Let me know if you need anything during one of the week nights - I have an LWB Sprinter and youve got my number x

is a van big enough?? if not hire a larger vehicle and im able to drive for you, ie a 7.5 tonner but other than that i think im about that day…will let you know…will there be cake :smiley: