LB Mid Life Crisis Massive

Who wants to join? I will give the numbers out, as members want to join, and when you get too old, you can join the Saga Massive with Jetstream.

We are also open to honourary members who are just slightly too young, to join as a full member, you must be between 40 and 50.

Please inform myself if you would like to join.

i am not 40 but feel older then 40

can i join please dawn?

At the moment we have;Barney4251 - Number 002

Trashpuppy honourary member - Number 101firebladepaul honourary member - Number 102Hannibal - Number 007Wasp honourary member - Number 107Poutywombat honourary member - Number 103norfolknchance - Number 003Teflon - Number 004Bonkie - Number 005Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau - Number 006TheLoneGunman - Number 008Rioting Rob - Number 009Giuliano - Number 010Gurninman - Number 011bricking it - Number 012bluelagos - Number 014Simonrides - Number 015

awesome :slight_smile:

I might fall into that age category physically, but am not ready for a Mid-life crisis yet, as I am far too immature for my age. :stuck_out_tongue:
But if it gets me a number I’ll have one :smiley:

Feck that…i want to be a member of the childish massive “old in body… eighteen in mind”:smiley:

Yep definitely count me in

I haven’t allocated you a number yet!

Surely that applies to just men! :smiley:

Well i am a ladette so i guess it kinda counts :wink:

I turned 40 back in June, so can I join?

Count me in - 46 and looking for my 2nd R1:D

woo hoo thanks dawn

That’ll be me then! on my 9th mid life crisis since turning 40. I’ll be transferring to the Saga Massive in 9 months time. :w00t:

Number 003

Number 004

I’ll still let you be a full member of the very youthful Mid Life Crisis Massive, you can have number 005

Count me in. 41 and bought two sports bikes in the past year. I noticed a hair growing out of my ear last week:w00t:

You can have 008

OK give me a no.:slight_smile: 45 and in my prime:D