LB Keyrings Now Available!

The new PVC key-rings arrived today, and they look great! They’re in the store now, so you can get them online. They’re nice and soft, so perfect for bike-keys (no scratching), and all your other sets of keys. They’re embossed so feel nice, what more can I say about a key-ring? It’s rubber(ish), got LB on it and it’s cheap, duh.

They went down well at the Borough Market Meet tonight, get yours below:





any chance of getting some over to poppins friday night or drop a few off to someone going, i will have 2 one for each bike

Absolutely. PM’d you.

Brilliant i`ll buy a couple later.

not really… shopping basket still empies as soon as you try to checkout or update… .


You can get them in person at the meets. The vast majority of people have no problem using the online store. Weird. If you want to get them online, just PM Foxy your order and send money to shop [at] via paypal.

looking good Jay, i will have a couple as soon as i can get to a meet.

weird i got mine on the site yesterday hopefully i’ll get it in the next couple of days:hehe:

I got mine last night and I must say that I got two comments made about them today at work by customers!! They are great!!! :D:D:D:D

I’ve officially pimp’d my keys! hehehe

Jay could you check on my keyring for me i ordered it on the website on the 6th.

All orders have gone out, but the post system is jammed up obviously, so not sure when you’ll get it. Sorry.

hey jay still no luck mate any chance another could go out after christmas?

PM sent!

Mine’s ordered, if anyone has the same problem as above (checkout clears order etc) just check your cookies settings etc, that’s what I did and manged mine afterwards.


The price has been lowered to £2.50, which more people seem happier with, and means it’s two for a fiver. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’m now a proud owner of said key ring :grin:

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Sounds like I’ve made someone jealous

Haha, I replied to @jay about the £2.50 only to realise the post was SUPER old.

Deleted it before I looked like a wolly


Opps should have read last few posts…lol…ignore this👍