LB Fight



I’m on top of Miss Vanda, whoever she is:D

I hope thats not you in your avatar, other wise there might not be left of miss vanda!!! :cool:

thats my little brother:P

Gloves and handbags will be off and a bare knuckle fight to the end…


Don’t knock it til you try it! :w00t:

Rob comes in with his signature move of forgetting his side stand and wipes out Penelope with his trumpet, but he’s now off balance and Westie leaps on Rob’s back using his signature ‘n00b initiation’ move of *** **** and then with his **** * he ****** Rob* **** squeals******* ** * ***** * ***big grin on his face, but ** **** * ******* and ** *** then ooh, **** ** *** * **** best of friends after the misunderstanding, hands shaken and peace returns to LB :smiley:

ok folks, back it up now, there’s nothing to see

Quality :slight_smile: Nice to have met you today by the way…glad you got back safely…next time I’ll take you the seriously fun way…


You can be the offical commentator!

What’d I miss? Twisty roads? Say it ain’t so…

In the pink…sorry red corner Westie…in the blue corner Rioting Rob

Let the games begin…

The Situation

Know what that is? It’s a line drawn under the situation :wink:

If anyones running a book, I’ll have a fiver on Westie to go down by the 4th :Whistling:

Go down on Rob in the 4th? Now I didn’t see that one cumming :D:D:D

oh thanks tel! sorry did you want your chain and sprockets?:stuck_out_tongue:

Come on be fair Mate, it aint like Rob is known for going down :PWell not that we know :smiley:

But his bike is :stuck_out_tongue:

i`ll speak to you tommorrow young man!