LB england footy match meet 7pm

hey all who is up for meeting at a pub to see the england match tonight?

meet up at

The white horse pub 50 Middle Road, Harrow HA2 0HL

time : 7pm

date : 19th june 2012 tuesday

There is parking at front and rear of the pub

What I’ve realised now is I have a better TV and sound system than most pubs…

The local to work recently changed management and now has a much smaller TV, maybe just 42". Really quite disappointed when we watched the first England game there. :frowning:

i ended up at the flag in watford which was showing it on a projector system shame they didnt have it in HD :frowning: was a good game :slight_smile:

So if anyone had gone to the pub you said you’d be in… you weren’t there? lol

This could be a long thread :laugh:

Kishan stood himself up :stuck_out_tongue: - I suggest a shame posting as a minimum :wink:

Kishan, poor bloke planned to go along, and then some sod. named Kishan didn’t show up…did he text you to say he wasn’t going? Did he realise that Kishan is a busy man and had you gone to the pub to meet Kishan it would’ve have been a total waste of his / your time?

Shame on Kishan for standing himself up. I hope next time he is more considerate to himself :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a strong sense of deja vu. :Whistling:

Awww Nick, your in fine form this morning!

I hope poor Big Vern didn’t shoow up especially in his nurses outfit, with his Daily Mail for another Photo Op:D

Why would you wana go white horse anyways pub is **** and small as **** be better going junction if your wana watch footy pound a pint and outdoor screen

i know i should have sticked to it but as no one had put their names down to attend it was safe to say no LBers were joining me so my mate invited me down to the flag next to watford junction which was showing the footy on a projector system.

i’m really glad you didn’t have to watch it on your own. i was feeling pretty sorry for you at one point.

ha ha thanks prawn oh well ive made the effort to mix with the LBers cant do nout more lol

maybe they are scared you’ll starting quoting scooter performance figures at them…

There was a 2011 vespa that was very nippy from lights to lights yesterday. I needed a bit of open road to show him whats what.