LB discount at Helmet City Tatsfield

Ok guys,

after my post yesterday in the praise and shame section I thought I’d have a word with the guys at helmet city…

They we’re impressed by the response on the forum to how many people were happy with them, so they have agreed that if you go there and mention you are from London bikers they will sort you out a discount, discounts amount depends on what your buying.

Also they have informed me they now have a womens section of clothing and attire as well (so Chuncks you should be sorted now you have your tail between your legs).

Hmmm, I might have to head down there now I’ve checked their website and realise that they don’t actually only sell Helmets! :smiley:

My gloves are starting to smell… Badly… :ermm:

in case you were not aware, they do everything from bike (albeit not many from what I remember) and a complete range of clothing and other accessories…

Defo worth a ride there, and there are some nice roads there as well as it is in the middle of no where.

nice to know, im going there tommrow to pick up a lid hopefully. i went last week and there was really good service and i told them i heard about the place through LB’s praise so hopefully they’ll give us some good deals too!