LB dating

Seems like lb is doing really well as a dating agency at the moment :):smiley:

Therefore - single 40s something ,
own teeth and hair [lots] :cool: seeks good lookin biker chick with warm
garage :D;):hehe::stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately does not have enough functioning brain cells to log on as himself:hehe:

long term pschyciatric nursing care needed for zeph11 :smiley:

Ha, ha… Took a while to realise the mistake, and thought Fishface was trying to auction off her dad!:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

no noone would have him because hes an **idiot ** :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a bit harsh! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what have I been missing out on? Who’s dating who?

The sort of idiot that may forget to put the pistons back in her cd175 before putting the head back on;)

I`m 40 this year and not single, can i still come.:smiley:

long term pschyciatric nursing care needed for zeph11

lol you and me both zeph!:w00t:

I seduced my right hand last night.I cooked it a meal and then plyed it with some drink. That and some romantic music did the trick, it finaly sucummed to my smooth tactics and what a fookin’ w.a.n.k. that was.

DP - looking forward to Ms DP’s return from Tokyo


well i aint single and im always after a good bargain!:stuck_out_tongue:

Er,…is LB dating anything like ring dating of trees?


ur just a tart !!!:hehe::hehe:

Isn’t that an ONLY JUST 40 something? I seem to remember in the LB age thread he said he was going to be 50 very soon?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he should try the PlentyofFish website that some friends of mine were chatting about in the pub yesterday? Before anyone gets carried away they are nurses and it’s a dating site, nothing to do with Fish so calm down Ratty!! :wink: