LB Clothing or Stickers


was that going to read my humungous arse? You cheeky cheeky balding git :smiley:

i dont see anywhere that i said that, but now that you mention it do you wanna see the pics :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really matter if it’s on your numberplate too:Whistling:

No… :wink:

Why not? Everyone else does:D

I was seriously expecting to log on today and see a post complaining about something from yesterday!

“Alex Gold undertook me/did a massive stoppie/didn’t pay the carpark fee/went past me doing double the speed limit/deafened me with his exhaust/blinded me with his leathers/etc etc…”

:smiley: See:

Sod riding with your name all over something. Might do a stand up wheelie with lewisr6 on the back of the goody haha

i dont have any of the LB stuff, but i got Pyro on my jacket so people recognise me at meets that way…

why dont u get one of these :stuck_out_tongue:



Blonde Bimbo :D:D

Ill be doing enough of them without anyone else flaggin my name up. I like it. I want my flou orange named plastered over town! Lewis for President!

NICE!!! Impressed…Maybe a new avatar! cheer pyro

More like Lewis- arrest warrant :wink: cheers for the PM by the way, it helped :smiley:

no problem :smiley:

as for the arrest warrant, bring it on! just try and catch me lol.

all seriousness. I wanna be seen, heard and not killed on the road. so anything that makes me stick out while im enjoying myself is going to help!:smiley:

Normally a high vis with " P O L I C E" on the back normally works…:wink:

soon i shall be able to wear one…:w00t:

you going for the po po?

im affraid thats confidential information my friend…:wink:

<----------------------------------------My Hoody :wink: