LB Clothing or Stickers

Hey all,

I really want a hoody and will sign up today for one. My only concern is…does anyone wear one? Am i going to look like an LB Burke turning up to a meet with one on and no one else has it.

Just noticed past few weeks people saying they went to the Ace and didnt see and other LBers. Surely if the majority of people wore one then it would be ten times easier to meet new people??? Or have i got wrong end of the stick??

Opinions/comments welcomed before i purchase… :smiley:

I’ve got stickers on my bike screen but never really got round to getting a hoodie, loads of people have them though so you won’t be alone :slight_smile:

got stickers on bike & helmet as well as a hoodie… but dont wear the hoodie too much as its too big (see Jetstream i dont need to loose weight)

btw anyone want an XL LB hoodie (would suit a ‘Panagiotis’) :smiley:

<< :cool:

Almost, but dont want people to start calling me Panagiotis :stuck_out_tongue:

with a little tipex i can make into B anagiotis

I have a sticker on my topbox, I have a hoodie and I have a couple of key rings

No deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome (if a little too eager)

I shall order one soon…:cool:

dammit! im really not a good salesman am i? :smiley:

no hoodie for me…but i doo wear this on occasion…:)…


And your an absolute star/nutter for doing it as well fella;)

Haha, I still got mine, not really worn it since!

Always had stickers on the helmets but this has been a good reminder to buy some more.

Clothing, no. But would you want to see an old crumbly wandering around in a hoodie, let alone one with Londonbikers on the front/back.

Not a good image for either of us.

(Not only that but the “Olde English” type face and some of the graphics are cwap. Even us crumblies have some taste.)

I’ve got stickers on the bike.


I’ve got stickers on my bike and Andrew has his hoodie. Its up to you really :smiley:

Are we going to smell you coming down the road Smiled? I have a hoodie, bright pink neon writing on it too!! :smiley:
Thinking about getting another one, with a good caption on, lacking inspiration though :D:D

put stickers on my old bike…then sold it doh !!! :D:D

Got stickers on the blade and need some for the vfr, plus i have 2 hoodies, 1 zip one non zip!! They are good until you hooning around with your name on a hoodie!!!:P:P:P:P