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LB charity efforts

At one time there were a lot of these and there was an LB Justgiving page so we could donate straight in to the London Air Ambulance then everyone could see the donation.

Is there an easy way we can find the link and can you post it as a sticky Jay? Next time we do a charity collection it may make things simpler to pay in than it was after the Poohsticks competition this year. Thanks.

GSXRAng is our charity champion. She runs the Just Giving pages that we use to have people donate to charity efforts. Each year she starts a new page on there. There isn’t one for this year though.

Perhaps ask her if she still wants to do this?

I’ll update it later or in the morning to make it easier.

The link was on my profile as a sig so people could just click it. I’m sure the last one was done for three years but I’ll see when I’m on my main PC

I’ve also got some LAA raffle tickets for Xmas here, just received in the post from them. I will try to nab you lot when I see you all, they are £1 each.

Brilliant, nice one Ang :slight_smile:

There you go, its all in the Charity Section and on LB FB Page