LB Blood suckers...

Bump - you know the score, someone posted antoher accident thread… so I bump this one. All those concerned about accidents ever happening… why not give blood. Believe me someone somewhere will appreciate it. YOu never knwo, you might one day appreciate it yourself. :slight_smile:

Tonight Regents Street 19:00 - Anyone?

Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

Its not too late, its Christmas, give a little something. Feed your karma-account with a little credit, :slight_smile:

Regents Street, just North of Oxford Street. PM Me for a contact mobile if you want to meet up…

Come on folks, season of good will an all! :slight_smile:

LB Pints donated - 1

I will get you lot moving I promise!

Whaaaa… mate, this is a shame :frowning:

Went to give blood today, but couldn’t - but will be going to the next session to try again :slight_smile:

Good on ya Jules, cheers Jay.

No worries about the low turn out, these things take time to get the momentum going, get me one donor extra next time and we’ll break this ducks back, then it’ll be the coolest thing to do and everyone will want to do it, until then I just gotta be the only hero in town :slight_smile:

Merry christmas folks, I’d scan in the picture of the tiny injury I received for my troubles but it really is tiny… see you at the bash!