LB Blood suckers...

I’m gonna keep re-posting this to make sure everyone who wants to get involved see’s it.

This Thursday (Dec 20th) I’m heaidng for the Regents Street blood donor walk in clinic. For anyone who is a registered donor, please feel free to join me. You already know how much good it does otherwise you wouldn’t be donors.

Call this a touch of Christmas kindness … cos seriosuly otherwise Santa ain’t comin near my home considering the year I’ve had, :wink:

If you are interested, drop me a line, I’ll give you details and so we can meet up. Where’s, whens etc. :slight_smile:

For those of you who want to be donors, but can’t right now - 0845 7711711 - call them, talk to them, allay your fears, then tell them you want to register and they will sort you out over the phone. Once you’re registered, PM me, and I’ll add you to our LB donors list to keep you informed of any and all upcoming opportunities.

You won’t be able to donate for a little while as the paperwork takes a tickle to sort out, but get yourself registered as soon as and get back to me.

All the best folks, and see you at the Xmas bash - see below for tickets! :slight_smile:

It’s only 9 weeks since I gave so I can’t join you, much as I’d like to. Everyone else who can, GET THERE!!! :slight_smile:

Toby, do you know where there are guidelines on whether you can donate or not? I know there’s something about not being able to give blood if you’ve had a blood or plasma transfusion, but I don’t know how long that lasts.


Only your Doc can answer that one. But personally I reckon if you’ve had to have a transfusion then best you keep what you got in your veins!! Don’t mean to be insensitive but donating blood can be quite a shock to the system and only those in fit and healthy condition should be donating.

Also for those of you with low blood sugar or pressure beware if going on your bike to donate. You might want to rest an hour and eat a few biscuits/ have some juice etc before jumping on your steed to ride home. I’ve nearly passed out before after donating.

Heya sweet pea. Yeah the number is 0845 7711711 - give them a ring, ask them whatever you need to know. There are all sorts of rules about when you can and can’t donate, unfortunately I don’t know all of them so I don’t want to misinform… I know visiting certain countries with Malaria risk, mneans a 6 month wait to see if you have it or not, tattoos, also means a wait, but I don’t know how long, but like I say, call that number, and they’ll put you right. Hope you can make it. :smiley:

And it’s all here… :wink:

Jon’s absolutely right on this, but I would ask anyone with any doubts to call the Blood Donor service direct. I’m not being patronising or dismissive Jon, but so many people are put off donating by “rumours” and “stories” that people discuss which have kernels of truth to them.

I’m trying to drum up positive interest in this process, and the scare stories don’t help that… so please if you are interested but have any fears whatsoever, call the service direct, get yourself informed.

Work on the principal that between 20 and 50 years old, with no major illnesses, you are probably an ideal candidate for donating, and believe me the blood service needs everyone who can donate to donate if they can… :smiley:

Cheers fella, that’s the one I was trying to find. :slight_smile:

Ta for the info. I just went through the questions on that page and it seems I can’t. If anyone else isn’t sure, there’s a useful series of questions on the website that will let you know if you can or can’t donate.

And while you’re at it, why not look into joining the organ donors register?

I would join you, but still have a hole in the arm from two weeks ago.

If you want to donate call the number on the website list above. The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeble. If they do not know the answer they will contact one of the specialist doctors who will call you back.

Had a look on the website the other day, and there is currently no more that five days supply (this is actually no unusal as donor levels drop during winter and certain elements of blood do not last much longer, which why active regular donations are especially important) and there are something like 100’000 active donors at any given time.

One of the questions that I have been asked before is “Will it impact my work, because I get paid by the hour?” I have a boss who actually knocked of the time from my worksheet, so I now give blood in the evening, one of my local sessions runs till 20:30 at night, and if they have a back log then it will go on past 21:00.

If your company is large enough and can spare some car park you can arrange a mobile blood service to come to you work. (I know they can do this, how you would arrange this I have no idea).

For any one who has never given blood before be prepared not to drive or ride home, as it can leave you very drained (:rolleyes:), but you do get used to it.

But the most important thing is to sign up and try. The worst can happen is they say no, even regular donors are sometimes not allow to give for a variety of reasons. At best you save someones life.

Sorry to hear you can’t make it KEvsta, but jsut to keep things positive and not scare anyone off, you can give blood then ride. THe staff at the donation points keep you there for long enough to keep an eye on you. If anything happens that gives them cause for concern, they don’t let you go.

I ahve donated 5 times whilst riding, and ridden away half an hour after donation. THey don’t let you leave til you’ve had a drink, a cbiscuit and a sit down, do its perfectly safe.

Please don’t let the scare stories put anyone off. As Kevsta so rightly pointed out, STOCKS ARE DOWN, we can help.

THURSDAY - December 20th - 2 days time, registered donors…where are you?


Just pointing out the first time it is a shock to the system, after you have done a couple of times the body gets used to it. And you are correct if they think that you are not fit to leave they won’t let you (happened to me, forced to lay down for a while, and went home on the bus).

Anyway I just do it to get the tea and biscuit (i’m easy to please).

I’m not squeemish, but whenever i have given blood (about 3 times now) I tend to vomit and fall over and speak rubbish.

Sounds like a cheap friday night out to me!

Just to say that I am not just passing these sort of posts by but I am not a suitable candidate which is shame as my blood type is the universal donor :blink:

+1 (not that you cared ;))

Thanks for the feedback folks, I’ll drain you all of blood somehow, :smiley:

Still planning on going along for anyone who fancies joining me.

Every time I see a rider down story, with everyone expressing their concerns I’m gonna bump this thread and others like it in the future…

No pressure, but if you’re genuinely concerned, why not consider dontaing blood?

Read the thread, find out mroe, come join me on Thursday if you’re already registered…

:slight_smile: Merry Crimbo

Oh this could really start to become annoying me bumping the thread like this…

But only if you genuinely are a cold heartless git, in which case…NO WORRIES!


Thursday’s on… anyone?

Good call, personally think there should be more government support via the NHS. Speaking to people from the continent quite a few countries you get the paid day off to give blood. Strange that these people who gave blood no longer do now that they are living here. A little encouragement can go a long way.

On my list of things to do is one of the first on the scene first aid courses. As you cannot rely on someone else to be able to do something.

Back on topic, GIVE BLOOD!