Lazer Paname Flip helmet

I’ve been looking for a new modular type helmet for a while as my Nolan N103, though still serviceable, is looking a little tired. It also has a few things that annoy me about it such as the internal sunvisor is fiddly to use the inner pinlock visor scratches the outer, and the front vents have a crap, overcomplicated mechanism which fails too often…

I’d been looking at this Lazer Paname modular helmet for a while.

They retail at about £154 but I saw them going on Ebay for £139.50 so I had a look at a medium sized one in fluorescent yellow (nice and bright and visible :cool: ) I noticed it had a Best Offer box so I typed in £120 and to my surprise it was instantly accepted!! I was a little taken aback as I was expecting to wait a few days and have the offer rejected oops!!

The ebay seller sent it really quick.

It benefits from a tab-ratchet style buckle like the Nolan has which I find is excellent as it is easy to use but allows for adjustment of the tightness of fit each time you use it (Unlike the fiddly seat belt style buckle on the Caberg). It has a pinlock inner visor with proper beaded edge, unlike the Nolan’s which is open and I’ve even had mine fog between the two layers! The sunshade has a slider that’s easy to use and it gets four stars in the Sharp tests. It’s a high spec helmet certainly excellent VFM.

I find it very comfortable and it’s also a lot quieter than any helmet I’ve had in along time. No rattles or whistling noises like I get from the Nolan and both Caberg full face and Caberg trip. I love it.

And as for the colour well… I expected it to be bright but I was rather shocked at just HOW bright it is. Think brand new police reflective jacket and it’s the same colour as that. Bright, FRY YOUR EYEBALLS yellow.

There’s no excuse for anyone to miss me now…!!

They do do rather more subdued colours (as well as a fluorescent orange-red hi vis) so I may well think about getting another at some stage, I wonder what was the lowest offer that ebay seller would take???

So if you see someone riding a big blue scooter wearing a shockingly yellow helmet it’s probably me so wave (once you get your sight back!):w00t::hehe:

im after a new helmet, did you get this, i see this one is available now for £77 at motorcycle city

I have always hated my Caberg Konda. fogs up badly/ sharp at the top on my forehead and fiddly chin guard and poor visibility, foam already showing at the bottom. its only about half a year old