Latin Lesson #1

Isn’t your ancestoral language the same as my ancestoral? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad someone attempted it! Hope others tried it without posting :slight_smile:

Very close Jetstream!

Filia and filiae not fila and filae

and Domina portant lacks the verb agreement, portant is plural domina is singular.

Other than that, perfect!

Exercise 1

1, filia amat, filiae amant
2, nauta portat, nautae portant
3, agricola laborat, agricolae laborant
4, puella nuntiat, puellae nuntiant
5, dominae portant, domina portat

Exercise 2

1, the sailor fights, the sailors fight
2, the girl loves, the girls love
3, the farmer carries, the farmers carry
4, the daughter labours, the daughters labour
5, the sailor is announcing, the sailors announce
6, the ladies love, the lady loves