Latin Lesson #1

Not that I am qualified to do teach latin, but this is some information I have gathered from the internet put into a form that is easily readable. I know some were interested in learning, so here is a first lesson. Will post the answers to the exercises tomorrow so that people can see how they did.


agricola farmer
aqua water
causa cause, reason
domina Lady
filia daughter
fortuna fortune
fuga flight
iniuria wrong, injury
luna moon
nauta sailor
puella girl
silva forest
terra land

nouns that end in -a in the singular end in -ae in the plural

agricola = farmer
agricolae = farmers


amat he, she, it loves
laborat he, she, it labours
nuntiat he, she, it announces
portat he, she, it carries
pugnat he, she, it fights

If subject is noun, then drop he, she, it: nauta pugnat = the sailor fights (not the sailor he fights)

agreement of Verb: verbs match their noun in singular or plural. Plural of above verbs is ending -nt

amat = singular
amant = plural

the daughter loves, the daughters love
filia amat, filiae amant

Translate the following into Latin:

Exercise 1:

1, the daughter loves, the daughters love
2, the sailor is carrying, the sailors carry
3, the farmer does labour, the farmers labour
4, the girl is announcing, the girls do announce
5, the ladies are carrying, the lady carries

Translate the following into English

Exercise 2:

1, nauta pugnat, nautae pugnant
2, puella amat, puellae amant
3, agricola portat, agricolae portant
4, filia laborat, filiae laborant
5, nauta nuntiat, nautae nuntiant
6, dominae amant, domina amat

veni vidi

haha, agricola… :smiley:

I remember my very first latin sentence in school, F me, that’s 22 years ago now :blink:

“agricola arat.”


‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’

The best is still
“Romanes eunt domus”

That said, me latin’s obviously rusty, haven’t been using it outside school since 11 years, so I shall follow this and may just remember some more stuff again :slight_smile:

Caecilius est in horto



Can I remember the declensions…most probably not…Amo amas amat amarum amatis amunt amaro amarus amarunt amaramis amaramum amararunt…or something

pro bona?

i am indeed pro bona. without it it would be hard to make babbies. i dont know what those in the anti-bona campaign would say though…

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Alba is also pro-my-bona too…

inter alia, ergo, i got wood.

kaos if you got some much time on your hands ,post up some more guitar playing…

dont suppose you want to buy a double neck guitar do ya?

I am always in the market for guitars :smiley: My collection of 9 could do with another friend.

Though I am pretty much a broke ass student.

Is it an acoustic twelve string and six string?

Hic futes ludus militorum… (F*ck this for a game of soldiers) :D:P

Illigitimus non carborundum… (Don’t let the [email protected] grind you down) :wink:

na its one of them epiphone sg 1275 , wish it was a gibbson but i would’nt want to sell it then…

Fila amat, filae amant.

Nauta portat, nautae portant

Agricola laborat, agricolae laborant

Puella nuntiat, puallae nuntiant

Dominae portat, domina portant

The sailor fights, the sailors fight

The girl loves, the girls love

The farmer carries, the farmers carry

The daughter labours, the daughters labour

The sailor announces, the sailors announce

The ladies love, the lady loves

A smattering of knowledge of Latin/Greek/ Germanic routes is handy for the Telegraph crossword, but after that, who gives a flying fugg.

Oh, medics excepted. It’s your international language of importance.

Solicitors, barristers and other legals, tough. Just an excuse for making the law inaccessible to to lay men. Just as is you continuing use of medieval French.

Latin? About as much use as learning Serbocroat.

Utter borrocks.

Dear Derek, latin may serve no purpose in your world but we young bloods love to exchange greeetings and such in our ancestoral tongue.

Was up on Hadrians wall at the weekend ans gave a young Scotsman a right mouthfull.