Late Call Saturday 11th Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire ride

Ok folks as its meant to be the better day if anyone is up for a couple of hours am going to be Leaving Beaconsfield Services hp92se at 10.15am .
Will be sat outside the Wetherspoons section .
White nitro helmet and Akito textile Jacket .
Bike is a red zzr1100 but may not be parked nearby .

Heading up to H cafe for a coffee and pitstop and then off around a few lovely Oxfordshire roads back to Beaconsfield Services .so just a couple of hours playtime .
Please have a full tank of fuel and pennies for sustanance .
Its not a triple figures rideout its just a good blast with respect to posted urban speed limits and other road users .
If no one says they are going to be there i will not travel the 30 miles and i will post that intention i the morning before departure .

Sounds good - Sat sun, Sun rain. Go for Sat!

Bike is S1000rr also red

Not home yet. But I fancy it. Will post up Ido get up in time.

Tim, if nobody else posts, and you want to drop, no worries.

Am happy to continue with 1 . Am going out for a blast regardless .
You up yet changy?

Be leaving for Beaconsfield Sevices in 30 mins or so .

See you there at 10.15am

Sorry guys just woke up. Have a good one

No worries Changy .

Great to meet you Sports and hope you got back on time . Was a bit foggy midway but was good to get out .
Bumped into the other Mr and Mrs R (rosso ) at H’s .
Can tell its been a while since been out …i ache

Nice run out, start of the season. Thanks for the route Tim… and Janey, it’s Summer in a couple months and that Hinckley bucket of bolts should be less temperamental as it warms up :slight_smile:

I don’t think that it’s the bike being temperamental that’s the issue… :blush:

Hey, nothing wrong with Hinkley bolts that Loctite 243 couldn’t sort out :wink: