last night

well bored off my ts i was so i thought fk it cleared out the back of my van whacked on the leathers and headed for petrol! had nowhere in mind but just autopiloted to the ace, twas german performance night with all the beemer crowd pishing about! had a bit of a chat with m9performance then headed into town! just before euston station theres a little underpass with a camera before it on the left so i slowed to 30 and cruised past it and under the bridge!

hmmm echoey it was under that little bridge so i wound it on with the sound of exhaust bellowing out i was grinning…all up until the crazy fool in the hiviz jacket and white hat on jumped out and pulled me over!! 56 in a 30, tut tut… 3 points and sixty quid! oh well first points ever on my licence!

after that i headed to blackheath for a brew and briskly made my way home stick ing to the relevant speed limits and testing my front brake from 50-60 at most sets of trafiic lights!!

Bummer! You’re lucky it’s your 1st set of points, I’m on 9 points so can’t afford to get done again !!!

9! You’ve only had it five minutes

What have you been up to!!

some bloke on a zx10 got pulled 2 min after me by the coppers chum, he was doing 58, and his licence was maxed on points already!!

9 points SW…whos been a naughty girl!!

This is why I have a plate on the size of a sail and sometimes (rarely) put me baffle in.

Suppose as long as you get away with it most of the time we cant moan too much B*****ds


touch wood i dont have any!!! thats thanks to my tomtom rider, and inforad!

Apparently those new trousers do show on radar from a great distance

where…where… where wheres WESTIE???

I got them in the car

Me, naughty??? Never, lol.

Me too shewolf…got 6 plus fine…in the car! 85 in a 40 and i was LUCKY!!! jeesh…!

Your cars are obviously too damn fast. Fiesta 1.1 = 0 points