Las Vegas

Haven’t posted for a while…here’s why.

Second pic is in the local gun store, second two are form a local racetrack where you can kill Corvette’s and trash Hummer’s…believe me the yanks don’t give a **** if you dirve em’ like slow or go a bit mad…like I did !!

Oh if anyone is wondering the gun is a fully automatic Uzi !!!



Daymn, that looks like some good fun! Talk about a good holiday! Hope it all went well. Coming to Cubana next week? We’re going to the Summer Bash this weekend, coming?

Sounds like a normal day at work for me …

No UZI’s, just MP5’s and BMW’s instead of Corvettes !

Sounds as if you had a good time mate. I’ve done Las Vegas but made the fatal mistake of going with my Ex … now that is the place to have a boys holiday !

Looks like your having fun there mate…good luck to ya…

me personally…I dont like guns…they scare me…best left to the proffesionals me thinks !!

The Americans are great…just walk in off the street into the the shop ’ umm I am bored, any chance I could have a go of that AK-47, what about that M16, no no I ‘ll take the anti aircraft gun’ That is what is like over there, they just donn’t give a **** !!

Trojan, man I bet you love your job , CO19 should get hold of some of those Uzi’s, 100 rounds don’t last long, I imagined popping off a load of hoodies’ whilst shooting.