Laptop repair

Can laptops be repaired after getting drenched in water?? Still turns on and works ok, but a number of the keys dont work…

Any recommendations for laptop repair places? Dont fancy leaving it with a bunch of cowboys…

Not ideal, but how about plugging a keyboard in to it?

Keyboards are easily replaced and can be picked up new for about £30 on eBay.

What’s the make and model of the laptop.

With respect to replacing keyboards. Try and find the technitians manual on the internet for your laptop. (easy to find if it’s a Dell) as most keyboards come out with 4 screws and a few clips. You don’t normally have to take the whole thing apart. If it’s a popular model look on youtube as some genersious person may have made a video of how to change the keyboard.

If you can find the video on line (can be a problem without a second 'puter) taking a laptop apart is pretty simple.

Keyboard issues are generally a dodgy contacts issue, so a simple clean fixes a lot.

Do hoover out the fan/CPU/heat sink/case vents if you do decide to go in there.

The last one of mine I did was full of fag ash, dog hairs and biscuit crumbs.

Whoa slow down there… Putting a Hoover on electronic parts is a bad idea!

Take it outside and us a can or air duster on it to clear it out.

Get a USB keyboard?

Get a thesaurus and just learn to make do with the letters available to you?