Laps of the "Ring"

The following are my 3rd and 4th laps ever of the famous Nurburgring. I was following a couple of guys that had been before so hopeing to get a better idea of where to go!!!

A great experience and i’m definately going to go back.

4th lap

3rd Lap

Loving the car that spins out in front of you all !

Just goes to show how dicey it can be with both cars and bikes on the track !!

Looks like a lovely day for it also fella.

Enjoyed that! It showed the steep learning curve you were on, at the end you were flying along nicely:cool:

nice one, cracking quality video’s. It is all too tight I think to properly enjoy it, especially on a £10k+ bike I would imagine? I found it carnage in a car not sure if I would give it a go on my bike…

maybe with your experience, but not when my instant response to a corner too hot it so stand it up like a muppet ha ha.

How was the ride down?

nice! :slight_smile:
i pottered about last September (but only for one lap), makes me want to go back again
what camera did u use and how did you hide it?

next year i want to see a video lap of karl & martin :slight_smile:

Next year mate, next year :stuck_out_tongue:

The guys were a great laugh and i’m already looking forward to next years trip.

What time does the car spin out? I can’t watch all of this now as I’m on a client site but would like to see that.

from 2 mins in.

Did anyone else turn their head to lean into the corners when watching this or was it just me?

very nice peej

a must be do for most bikers i think, looks hairy tho with the porsches flying about too!

im amazed at how fast some of those cars are !!!