Lap of Snetterton - Camera Mounted Front and Back.

I know I suck, but thought it might be interesting to see front and back view.

Although, again it looks like I am riding on a private track because there is not a soul about.

So embedding don’t work on the forum either then? Ahh I see it has its own youtube button now :smiley:

:cool: is that the new layout? i only went once a year ago but doesnt look that different?

That was the new 300 circuit. I never did it before so can’t really say if it has changed, but I think it opened in February of this year.

Cool, I am there on the 1st Aug, cant wait! :slight_smile:

you need to fix a mirror on your handlebars kaos, as you like looking at yourself so much:laugh::laugh::laugh:

I actually had a third camera! But it was pointed at the clocks. Shame it wasn’t working well on the day though :frowning:

Just seen this lap by MCN’s Michael Neeves on a BMW s1000RR, I estimate a lap time of 2:20. Makes my 2:48 on an 11 year old Gixxer 6 look a little more respectable! :smiley: