Land registry drawing

I’ve been asked by my boss to make a scale drawing (1:500) of my shop for the land registry people. I’ve done all the measurments but i’ve got no clue how to do a proper scale drawing for this type of thing. Can some one fill me in on how to do this properly or set it up for me if i send you the measurments?

Are you using a pencil and paper or a mouse mate?

got it all on paper but i have to email it later. guess i can just scan the drawing though.

microsoft visio 2007

Unless you have a draughting package that might be the easiest way mate:)

at scale 1:500, every centimeter you draw on paper = 5 meters

so, every 2 milimiter= 1meter

basically, if you have a boundary line that is 10meters long in reality, on your drawing it will be 2cm

still confused with the 1:500 scale business though.:blink:

visio does the scale automatic . i always use it when have to do some crap drawing for my boss

is there a free download of it?

Are you working in metric?

If you are.

1/ Convert the measurements into mm (multiply meters by 1000) ie 1m = 1000mm

Divide the mm measurements by 500 and that is the size you draw in mm

ie … a 6.5m wall is 6500mm divided by 500 = 13mm so you draw it 13mm long.

This is a very small scale by the way;)

don’t think so…

i can get you one off the torrent

Whats a Torrent Arnie?

cheers for that guys i had the scale right then but it just looked really small as you said.

omg don’t tell me you don’t know what torrents are :stuck_out_tongue: the best way in my opinion of downloading stuff - p2p

you got torrent client and then you download file which tells the client where to get stuff from


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hope that’s help a little

and start using it :stuck_out_tongue:

1:500 is a very small scale, we would only use it for large sites, or as a location plan

Strange as it may seem mate, i’m not a techy/geeky type. more of a nuts and bolts kinda fella:D

Thanks for the explaination, might well use it when i find something i want to download:)

Yea don’t know what they are doing but in the email guy said to do it 1:500 or 1:1250

PM me your address - I have autocad TQ tiles and may already have your property on them!

If I do I can have the thing to you in a couple of hours.!

1:500 or 1:1250 would be use as location plans, to show existing adjacent buildings on a plot of land, so without something like an ordnance survey map overlayed on top, theyre not really of any use otherwise

The map on my property deeds is in fact 1:500, just checked

My whole road of 70 houses fits on A4 comfortably:)