Laminating Flooring Question

Just wondering if anyone here knows a little about laminating flooring.

Just wondering what underaly to use. For example downstairs there is concrete flooring, upstairs wooden boards.

So looking here:

I can’t really decide what to use.

I was thinking on the concrete flooring to use the fiber underlay and the silver one. But do I need to do any damp proofing? can’t see any under the old carpet. I see that the silver underlay has damp proof… but the other silver/gold one don’t as such.

When I put it on if I want to stick both fiber and silver… do I put the fiber first then silver with the sliver side up or down? or do I put the silver then the fiber… again which face is the silver side?? same for upstairs on the wooden board… I assume if you put it the wrong way it can keep the damp in and rot the floorinng? would I need some plywood in between the boarding and the underaly? etc…

Hope someone here can share its wisdowm:) and thanks ina dvance

i thought with laminate the underlay was more for sound proofing, i.e. thin for if no1 below and the thicker stuff if people below.

Thicker stuff can also help out with uneven surfaces.

Beware of concrete, as some can contain certain levels of moisture… :smiley:

allways put a vapour barrier down on concrete floors, you can buy underlay that is suitable or you can use builders membrane, it makes laying the first few courses a slippery afair but you don’t want the laminate cupping!

A line I like to put on all my specifications and drawings in “To manufactures Specification”

in other words it is always best to call up the manufacture and ask what they would advice then if there are problems after the installation you can go back to them.

ok then will have to check what manufacturer says but I think I will go with the membrane… isn’t that silver anti damp stuff any good?

You’ve sort of had most of the best advice.

Can’t be ar*ed with the link but it’s all about being sure you’ve got it right. So the damp proof membrane is probably a waste of money but put one in on the ground floor just in case. All in one stuffs o.k., but you can go cheaper using 2 separate layers.

so, DPM then put a soft membrane over the top to stop the whole thing rattling and even out the lumps. Soft foam can be o.k. but firm rubber is better, say 2/3 mm thick.

Fibre board is better for first floors as it talkes out the crappy floor board humps and bumps and acts as a good impact sound deadener. Essential if you have teenaged/early 20’s kids to lessen the friggin music coming through from above.

Check out “Screwfix” stuff for the ground floor. B&Q do the best fibre board deal going on price/quality.

There’s cheaper trade stuff out there but I assume your not doing football pitch areas of this.

:w00t: thats my favourite line, it covers your arse if things go wrong.

seriously though, a quick phonecall to the manufacturer, or even check their website for approved underlays. If you stick to their own recommended spec, then if things go wrong you have a better standing