Lake Iseo,Italy to Manky Merstham,surrey

Well,the Italians were singing outside the hotel until half 2.Not good when you’re up at half 4.Packed the bike and I’m away by half five.Past a little bit of country life and onto the main route to Milan-nice empty road and the Daytona’s roarin’ glad to be free of 4000rpm and vibes on the smaller roads.Round Milan and off on the N9 to Como,lots of great scenery as I head up into the hills.Across Lake Maggiore(I think),just the bo**ocks an empty road across a beautiful lake.Breathtaking.

Across the border and heading up into Switzerland.The temperature is perfect;I’m neither hot nor cold and the sky is crystal blue.Straight down the side of the traffic waiting to get gassed in the San Gottard tunnel-which goes on and on and on…It’s hotter than hell in there,ya bin warned.Take a fire extinguisher and a gas mask.

Now I’m off into the tunnels giving the Daytona bursts on the throttle to hear the snarl.The scenery,well,you have to see it but…little shacks,big drops, snow caps,rushing byrnes and a happy cow thinking up new ways of chewing to keep him entertained in the winter.Past the big lake at the top of the world and heading toward Basle.

Into Basle making sure not to end up in Karlsruhe.Up the twisty bit out the other side,over the border and now its total boredom to Strasbourg.Gets confusing the other side but luckily on the right road to Metz.Nice hilly,foresty bit and I keep on reminding myself to take a break but don’t and what are all those blue uniforms doing standing at the peage?I pull the bike to the side and go round it shaking bits to reduce my average speed and avoid a timed fine.

Pretty boring all the way to Rheims where it starts to hammer down all the way to the tunnel.I go straight thru to the train but by now my brains gone and I’m singing silly stuff with the Kent coppers laughing at me in their nice, dry ,warm, comfy customs post.

Finally,I’m home at 10.30 and God if my ass doesn’t hurt;and God if it didn’t stop til Thursday.

827 miles in 16 hours after 2 hours sleep.DON’T DO IT!!!but if you do you’ll love it.Cheers.