Ladies Sunday Ride out

Ladies Sunday Ride out

Times And Dates TBA

Yes it’s back by popular demand the Ladies Ride out

So Ladies If ya wanna be on it Post ya names

As before the route and times will be pm to you before the ride

Fan bloody tastic…

Count me in, i enjoyed last years

Pootle group please

Yer but this year no added egos on red bikes to through strops

Yup, me too, and pootling for me an’ all. (I reckon Trisckie doesn’t really exist, she’s just a computer-generated phantom…)

I’d be up for this!

Doh! Give us more warning! I’m going to watch polo

I’m up for it depending on weather and route

There’s You, Your Kwak at the Polo it must be Pimms O’clock…

Cor blimey strike a light guv how the other half live…

Depending when, I’d like to tag along

let me know when and i may well come to!!!

Yeah I’d be up for this x

You have got time yet as it is NOT this weekend the time and date is yet to be arranged working on the route now

Date hasn’t been posted yet Keti.

Theres me, kim and andrea,shewolf? MissT? Madscientist? to add to the list as well im sure they wont mind me putting names forward? so thats another 6.

Lusty and Sunny? You up for it girls?

Rizla, (cant remember her new name)? You coming?

Scarer? where are u girl?

Wasp? Can u make it, havent seen you yet mate?

Debz? come on i wanna see u on yer own bike and not yer ass on yer ol mans !!

Loopy? Can u make it too? (go on you can do it !!)

Gina? yes u CAN make it girl…who else will go on the funfair rides unless your there?

Anyway, come on you lot…we will be having us ladees…plus a couple of the guys (known to us from the other rideouts) to make sure we are looked after on the day should we NEED to use them !!! ha ha (you know they love it!)

The guys will be one at front and one at rear…depending on how many of us go, we can do the corner man etc etc system …hopefully we are heading to the seaside for the day, so plenty of ice cream for ME !!

Anyway, im going and im dragging kim along …trisckie will be there too (on her new baby…yay !!!)

Yep I’m in ladies. Should be a good one.

I have to say… I’ll miss perving at the boys in their one pieces though

Would it be okay for me to bring a lady who’s not a member of LB ?

We can perve at M9 and Andrew (hopefully he will say yes he will help us out again!) plus WE get to be the ones perved at !!! HA, didnt think of THAT did ya girl !!!

Yes you can bring who you want, the more of us ladies the better…give us all a chance to see just how many of us there are on our bikes too and get to meet in one go !!

THAT is a very good point. Maybe Andrew will wear his race suit instead of his lived in leathers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am a human being, not a play thing !!