Ladies, Question???

Ladies please answer…

The las went away to work for one night in Cardiff, I spoke to her when she went to bed at 10pm Sunday, I then went to bed at midnight, woke up at 10am, did my ironing, food, chilled out for an hour and went to back to bed at 1pm to sleep to 5pm, woke up at 5pm, left house at 5:45pm to get to work for 7pm… She rings me at 7pm and I answer but my boss is next to me so I tell her that I will ring her back when its quiet like now.

No contact for nearly 24 hours, am I in the wrong for not phoning/texting asking how she was?

My answer was basically, I’m doing a night shift, I knew she was busy during the day presenting so I was going to ring her around 8pm when the Airport gets quiet.

Am I in the wrong?

“Am I in the wrong?”

Probably. Try ringing her anyway to find out - don’t just leave it.

I rang her and spoke but shes not a happy bunny…

Well buy her some flowers for when she gets home & it’ll wear off (eventually):slight_smile:

Nah, I took her out for a nice meal the night before she left…Next time, Maccy Ds:D

By entering into a relationship are you then contractually bound to live in each others pockets or duty bound to inform each other of your every move? If yes then, well, you’re a bit odd, but you should take that firmly on the chin.

If not, then in all honesty, both of you need to get over it. You both have lives independent of each other, and whilst courtesy and mutual respect extends in so far as keeping each other informed as far as possible, you should also have enough understanding of each other and your respective ‘situations’ to realise that it’s not always possible to make time for a phone call.

I don’t get it…I never have. I just do not see things in the same was as most people, and I should therefore not comment…but I have never understood it when people get like this. It’s about trust and empathy, to trust that the other is genuinely unable to and empathising with perhaps why that might be. I think it’s a bit selfish personally, and I seriously push back against things like this…so perhaps I am the wrong person to comment…and will therefore go now!

A text wud have been nice… a girl likes to know ur thinking of her…

Gees…you worry too much!!!

I’m not worrying, to be honest I think its all fecking stupid…

I dont do arguing over small things, she had a massive go at me…

Wish I was gay so I could punch my partner square in the face and tell him to man up:D

Just set her more chores so she has less time to whinge…

Sorry my bad i thought u were :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Maybe she was worried about you rather than worried about herself?:doze:

I don’t get this constant contact thing either but I guess if you have a routine where you’re on the phone to eachother all the time and then suddenly not people can think the worst and go off on one when they finally do get to speak to you.

Managing expectations :wink: I guess it depends on whether the expectations are rational or not (is there a history of insecurity there which you need to compensate for?).

For example, I wouldn’t expect the other half to text me more than once or twice a day if it’s just a normal working day. If I knew he were out on the bike, then I’d expect a text to let me know he got back ok. I’d also expect a text in response to mine if I asked a question, or where he needed to provide information. It is nice to receive the odd text that indicates he thought about me, but that’s a bonus and not demanded. I guess it also depends on how much you text/ring normally and how new the relationship is, too.

IF the expectations seem less rational than that, then you need to anticipate that and act accordingly. She may be feeling lonely on the business trip, or nervous about a presentation/meeting and would like some extra support from you. Or maybe she just misses you and feels that you’ve had all day doing (essentially) nothing and is disappointed that you didn’t show her you thought of her.

If you normally text and speak a lot in the day then I don’t think she’s being unreasonable at all, as ppg has just pointed out, she had a presentation, maybe a little text that she didn’t need to reply to saying good luck of something would have been nice.

Doesn’t give you much of an incentive to speak to them if all they do is go off on one! :smiley: I have to say that as a matter of courtesy, nothing more, I suppose you could have sent a text or something, but that’s kind of about it really. I don’t really see the need to constantly reassure or be reassured. Surely she must know you think of her? I mean, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be with her right? So who do you need to let her know you’re thinking of her all the time? Still don’t get it.

going by my own personality, I dont need to be phoned or messaged all the time anyway, in fact when out i like to be left alone… so i wouldnt worry…

It depends if you have a routine of needing to reassure each other. :slight_smile:

Instead of inserting blame, why don’t you just try and make her happy. I mean, that why your with her, because you make each other happy?

If she would have liked a phone call, next time just do it. Its not like she asking for the world?? If it makes her feel better, than what the harm?

However, I would insist you putting your foot down when she does ask for the world… including situation like asking for the TV remote and a beer from the fridge…making dinner… cleaning the house… etc:P:D

A girl after my own heart :stuck_out_tongue:

"Hi Mel,

Not heard from you in a few weeks. Hope all is well. See you tonight for dinner.

Oh, before i forget. I Love You xxx " :hehe::hehe::hehe:

Jewell: Cheer up Tubs, I think you should man up!!!:D:D

Whether you are wrong or right is not the question. She thinks you are, and all you have to decide is if she’s worth saying sorry when you did nothing wrong or if you should set her straight - which may lead to dumping.