Ladies in bike adverts

There must be many adverts for bikes / accessories using loverly ladies (or men?)

Here is your starter -

How many more can we find?

not really an advert, but my bike in a gallery…

and five more pages of eye candy on all sorts of diff bikes:P

Anyone remember the italian Rock Oil ads from the late 90’s?

Reminds me.

Where can I see pictures of the Italian hotties at the San Marino GP yesterday?

EDIT: For free…That means no or :slight_smile:

Oh yes! Nice link :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I thought :smiley: I didn’t notice any bikes :cool:

Would it be gay of me to say they weren’t really my cup of tea :unsure:


Good song by Johnny Cash :smiley:

old school



Anyone remember the adverts for Electro Helmets in the 70’s?

Bikers everywhere going mad for the body painted nude lady showing her in full leathers:cool:

If i remember her name was Tula

It turned out years after that “she” was in fact a tranny:D:D:D