Ladies / girls trousers for sale

I’m having a mahoosive wardrobe clearout and these protective trews are looking for a new home. I’ve finally accepted that I’m never going to be sub 50kg again (thank you Lockdown and thank you getting old) and these are never going to fit!

All £10 plus postage (c. £4-5?) if you can’t pick them up from OX11, plus a donation at your discretion to Air Ambulance.

SOLD Dainese textiles size 40 / 8. Used. Excellent condition. Comes with knee armour.

SOLD Draggin Slix Kevlar Jeans size 6 (fits like a 4). Used. Excellent condition. No additional armour.

Revit (possibly Maddison?) Cordura jeans size 24 / 6. Used. Good condition. Knee armour included.

SOLD Racer textiles size xs / 6. New without tags. Knee and hip armour.

SOLD Harley Davidson Aramid jeans size 8 (fits like a 4-6). New with tags. No additional armour.

SOLD Triumph textiles size xs / 8-10. New without tags. No armour.

SOLD Alpinestars Riley Aramid jeans size 26 / 6-8. Used and in excellent condition. Comes with knee armour.

SOLD Motogirl silver zip leggings size 6R. Used. Good condition. No additional armour.

I can send additional photos and size info if needed.