Ladies Day at the Ace - Sun 19 August

Here’s one for the girls - it’s Ladies Day at the Ace on Sunday, raising money for Women On the Move Against Cancer

Starts at 10am and there will be events for most of the day, including:

  • Fashion show at 1pm (starring LB’s very own Helen and er me! )

  • Band at 3pm

  • Charity raffle with lots of prizes

  • Mobile Dyno truck

  • Makeover from Virgin Vie

  • Neck & shoulder massage from Calma (highly recommended!)

  • Shark helmet servicing

  • Girlsbike2 summer gear stand

Anyone interested? I’ll be around there all day so it’d be nice to see some familiar faces

It’s the same day as the Unity ride

I’ll probably head back up to the Ace after the ride, might see you then

I gonna miss this one now Ness as we’re away from Saturday 18th.

Have fun

shewolf - hopefully see you later on then doesn’t the unity ride finish up at the Ace anyway?

gridgirl - hey i was hoping to see you there as another model! shame you can’t make it, are you going somewhere nice?

Does this, errr, mean just ladies can attend ? I fancy a pull on the dyno Any blokes going or would I be a thorn amongst the roses

Slarty…it’s not just ladies on Ladies Day.

The Dyno guy should be up and running from around 10am, and until about 4ish…maybe a little later.



Well I’m going if it’s goona be full of ladies!

That thought had crossed my mind too

It’s gonna be good…need topless blokes washing girls’ bikes

Got a new bike… Riz & I are modelling on Sunday Q