Ladies Clothes ...........

No, I’m not dressing up !
Just need to be pointed in the direction of a shop that stocks a very good range of kevlar jeans for ladies please.
Ta in advance.

in London Colny, St Albans there a shop with the ‘Girlsbike2’ branding, never been inside mind.

Girlsbike2 in Dorking was always very good when I was in there with Jackie. Shame it closed, so try that out. Get Geared in Leatherhead has a good range with several brands and lots of sizes. I was in there on Saturday.

I was in get geared yesterday and they had a good range. dragging minx ones were ok. Might buy those at a later stage. But it’s really hot there, no air con

Infinity Motorcycles (Holborn & Great Portland St) have a limited collection of ladies gear.

What are you after?

I was impressed with the ladies range in the leatherhead shop

Was after Draggin jeans or something similiar, no rush for them as no bike for a few weeks. Just wanted to take the other half in somewhere so she could try some on instead of guessing the various sizes online.

Just been to Metropolis and there are no more than 4 jackets of which only one summer jacket…nothing else looked specifically aimed at laydeez…

I’m looking for a summer (mesh jacket) for my Mrs)…



They have a ridiculous size WAREHOUSE full of most things youl need,

Best selection of ladies boots iv seen, hopefully taking the mrs there this weekend.

As I said, Get Geared. Leatherhead had a good range - from what I noticed whilst looking at the men’s stuff they had women’s Draggin, Held and at last one other brand in sizes from at least 8 - 22.

Awesome, Cheers for the pointers guys. Very much appreciated.

if she’s not sure on the draggins as the minx in my opinion are the only ones that look cool she should look at sartsos. wear mine everyday for commuting and think there great. hein gerike stock them or you can get them i think online.They also have a stand at the NEC bike show :wink:

Definitely right to get her to try them on, though. I had to get a size smaller in the Draggin’ Jeans than I would normally take …