Lack of forward planning: check!

This guy is lucky he’s still alive and hasn’t killed anyone:

If he/she was more to the left they would of seen it much sooner

Too fast for the road… that why I don’t want faster road bike. 

Nice road :) 

What Curtis said… 

Also, why so much rear video! we now what’s coming…


Some riders also forget that people who live at the end of farm tracks need to exit on to the arterial roads. 50 max would be a safer speed to ride on that type of road.

seen this video a few days ago, love reading comments on these things many saying he is actually a pretty skilled rider managed to slow it down and squeeze through the gap,he defiantely did well was doing 60 when he overtook the lorry on the inside…lol

His road positioning is shite. But come on, surely most of us would be hitting about 70-80 mph on that road in those conditions.

Not 120+mph, though.  I always try to keep my breaking distance for that reason.

I can imagine the prayer that went through his mind when the truck came into view.