LAA Second Helicopter Has Arrived

Great news. Two helicopters and longer summer flying hours. That’s a load more bikers who can be helped by our official charity, the London Air Ambulance!

Good to know all the donations made a difference

Even Tho it’s good news a second helicopter for people in London
It’s funded by the government
All other air ambulances by funded by donations with little and no help from the government
I do ate to Essex air ambulance

Let’s hope that you guys don’t  need to make use of it.

I thought even LAA was all charity?

or do you mean the 2nd one is part funded by the government?

Wise, LAA is funded by donations, it’s a charity. LAA is LB’s official charity. We’ve raised many thousands of pounds for it.

There won’t be two helicopters operating on one day but means that when repairs or damaged there’s a spare available.

Taken from

“Your second helicopter is now operational in London, thanks to generous contributions to the charity from the people and organisations of the capital, including London Freemasons, who pledged £2 million to the campaign. The G-LNDN registered MD902 Explorer is available to deliver our advanced trauma team to critically injured patients, and is here in time to cover our current helicopter (G-EHMS) which has gone offline for its annual maintenance this week.”

“The largest pledge to the ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ campaign was from the London Freemasons who promised £2 million, of which over £1 million has been donated so far. £1 million was also received from Her Majesty’s Treasury banking fines fund. Significant donations were received from BlackRock, Khoo Teck Puat UK Foundation and the Westminster Foundation, and Estate Agent Foxtons is generously sponsoring the second helicopter. All other donations came from individuals who gave generously, took part in, or organised their own fundraising events. Many other organisations provided pro-bono support, included Hogan Lovells who carried out the legal work for the helicopter acquisition. Santander UK provided a comprehensive financing package to partially fund the acquisition over five years.”

Nothing in there whatsoever about government funding. perhaps Wise has been reading too much of the daily mail?

£1 million was also received from Her Majesty’s Treasury banking fines fund
So some money has come from the government...

Probably, but that bit sounds more like from the judiciary system. Bank fines going to good causes.

yeah the Crown isn’t the same as the government. 

yeah the Crown isn't the same as the government.  me_groovy
good point - I think I was thinking of the bank bonus levy.
Probably, but that bit sounds more like from the judiciary system. Bank fines going to good causes. Jay
whilst I agree - it was depressing to see a few bits of policy paid for by 'bank fines' - which by their nature are one-offs.

So two helicopters bought but only one in use at any time - is that right?

Yep, the problem was always around the down time due the servicing and maintenance required to keep the helicopter airborne, (or the odd occasion whereby an ambulance hits the helicopter, instantly grounding it!) this meant having to go out in the rapid response car, which is how the team work at night. now they can establish a rota so there is always one ready in case of damage or servicing

Makes sense. There’s a big difference between having two helicopters and running two helicopters (insurance, fuel, pilots, etc).

Air ambulances are for everyone not just bikers. And imho should be government funded. I know they’ve got eff all money but who’s fault is that? And it doesn’t change the fact they should be central funded.