LAA Help Needed at Ace Cafe Saturday 11th

As most will know its the Ace Cafe Reunion known as The Brighton Burn Up from Friday 10th Sat 11th and Sun 12th September.

Mark Wilsmore has once again asked me if I would like to have a stall for LAA there and buckets for donations on the Saturday, he is also holding an auction of bike gear (all proceeds going to LAA). This is a massive event held all over the weekend with many foreign friends (so expect lots of Euros in your buckets) camping opposite the Ace.

We (LAA) will only be there at the Ace Cafe Saturday, I have prior arrangements which I’m trying to rearrange but at the mo haven’t managed to. I am in desperate need of a few people who can set up and man the stand for a few hours, all the merchandise will already be at the Ace. You will just need to grab a couple of tables, set it up and put away at the end. Time 9-5 but really take it as it comes, if it is quiet (sales wise) then pack up earlier. I will have more details for those who would like to volunteer their services…:smiley: it’s all for a good cause. :slight_smile:

PM sent… :slight_smile:

pm sent


Thank you boys I knew I could rely on you, I really appreciate this. :slight_smile:

Im working sorry or i would have been there.

good lads Roady and Smiled