L Plate 125cc on dual carriageways?

Hey peeps…

I’ve heard that a rider on L plates can legally take a 125cc on dual carriageways, but is there a limit on the speed of that dual carriageway?

Below 70?

I can’t find any mention of dual carriageways on the direct.gov.uk site…Just motorways.

Someone know?


L platers (above 50cc’s) are allowed on all dual carridgeways - speed limit of 70.FACT

(no I can’t find a source either but tis true … how else would they get to The Ace?)

Agreed - there are only 2 things an L plate rider can’t do:

Carry a pillionRide on the motorwayEverything else is fair game :wink:

Actually I stand corrected - it seems 50cc’s can go on dual carriageways … though I thought I’d seen signs that said “no 50cc’s beyond this point”

I know Yahoo Answers is hardly a definitive source of information but everyone seems to agree so it’s good enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:

yes they are… 70 unless otherwise posted. min speed is 30 correct me if wrong;)

Just ask Devsta - sure he knows.

yes they are… 70 unless otherwise posted. min speed is 30 correct me if wrong;) the only tim ive seen no 50cc is when a dual a road goes into a m blue way… like were the a40 goes into the m40

Cheers guys but don’t you find that a bit strange?

Some dual carriageways are 70 MPH just like motorways.

Some dual carriageways like the A13 in parts have the same number of lanes as motorways in parts.

Anyway, just a another example of the illogical road laws of this country, but it means the missus can follow me to Brands tomorrow on her 125. Result :smiley:

Noooo…Shes not going on track aswell :w00t: :wink:

You’ve just touched on a pet hate of mine - from Tonbridge, I bang up the A21 to work every morning - 3 lanes each side and about a mile after I turn off, it becomes the M25 and is no different whatsoever.

So I can join a road that is the same as a motorway, ride a road that is the same as a motorway and exit from a road that is the same as a motorway, but I can’t ride on a motorway :angry:

If I could ride the motorway, I’d probably do the BCR roads a bit more, but as it stands I have to go up through Bromley, Lewisham, over to the Rotherhithe Tunnel, trawl at 20mph through it then head back east towards Dagenham - takes a couple of hours to get there…

As a result, I don’t bother… :angry:

Strangely enough, my other half asked me the same question recently. As she’s recently completed her CBT. Last Sunday, we rode from Brentwood to Battlesbridge via the A127. This was my other halfs first ride out. Like many here, she and neither can I understand the difference between a duel carrigeway and a motorway.

The biggest problem about a ‘L’ plated bike being on such roads is the speed thing which is due to the low power of a 125cc bike.

My good lady and I had a nice ride untill we came on the aftermarth of a nasty high side accident, which involved a single bike (Virgin Mobile R6) and possibly a car. The Essex Air Ambulance was in attendance. The bike was a complete write off, I just hope the rider was ok.

change you route: from the A21 turn off go through st pauls cray to sidcup and bexley drop down through crayford and through the dartford tunnel( the last time i looked the dartford crossing is NOT a part of any motorway) much quicker and faster roads:w00t:

Well it is probably a hell of a lots easier to have a blanket ‘no motorway’ rule than a ‘no motorway or 2/3 lane motorwayish A road’ think of all the signs and confusion that would arise (there is enough just with bus lanes!).

Not all rules can be perfect…:slight_smile:

I did check that out on the map - I often use the A224 / A225 as an alternative to the M25, it’s just that the bit of road just before the tunnel looked well confusing - will have to go and check it out when I have a couple of hours free ;)Elad - I reckon they should just let us on the motorway - after all, devsTa did alright on the M23 :smiley:

Ok, so are 125cc’s allowed on the motorway if the rider has passed his/her test (i.e. No ‘L’ plates???) ??


There are many places you can’t get to without using a dual carriageway.
The only place you need to go on a motorway to get to is a motorway service station.

Motorway-grade a-roads are obviously in existence, but they’re hardly the norm. And it makes far more sense to legislate with that nice and easy divide of road-type than having to stick signs up at motorway-grade dual carriageways.

The Dartford crossing’s not motorway precisely so that non-motorway traffic can cross the river there.

There are some A and B roads where there are restrictions, such as no pedestrians, no 50cc motorcycles, no horses. There is one on the A406 north circular I think.

They are usually associated with bridges, flyovers and tunnels.

IIRC motorways have to meet certain design standards to be classed as such. If you look at a load of the 3 lane A roads the junctions and slip roads are no where near the standards on motorways.

Oddly, motorways standards are usually safer than A roads. Some of the off/on-slips at fast A roads are a liabilty!


Just take the L plates off before you go on the m-way…nah only joking, that would be illegal.