What would you prefer to be?

I voted but doing the best job in the triple 9 services I think I might be a bit biased !!

I quite agree !!!:cool:

Slightly biased like the previous posts,although both are good jobs.Got lots of time for LAS staff,can’t think of bad experience with them over 25 years and there are some damn good looking ladies working for them!!!:smiley:

I’m gonna have to vote for Paramedic. But then I’m a bit biased as well.
It’s got to be one of the best jobs going :smiley:

cant I just have the pretty blue lights ? make my journey to work more fun :slight_smile:

Lol biased vote too, im on the way to becoming a paramedic :smiley:

jeez I need new glasses thought you said on way to being paraletic !!! :smiley:

I’m with steve cant I just have the pretty blue lights…

hmmmm, im ex-job, hopefully soon to be again, and ex-las control room staff.

its a draw!

Was LAS for 4 years, never fancied the Old Bill - respect due, but no way I’m dealing with the scum they have to deal with. Some of the patients were bad enough!

lol, i will be later though :smiley:

Surely it’s got to be a police officer. Then you can spend your days stopping the silly car drivers as they drive like fools through the city. You would be able to use your time to enhance the cagers education. Either they will improve or they will have so many points they won’t be able to drive

It took 3 attempts to write this without swearing about the flippin idiots that think they own the roads.

Work for the LAS myself, unfortunatly.

I’ll tell my wife you said that, she’ll be most pleased :smiley:

Ooh this is a hard one!

If it was as a motorcycle rider I’d have to go with a 2 wheeled paramedic