KTM superduke battle. donnington

hi guys just got back from donnington and round two/three of the superduke battle.

again this weekend the weather was against us windy,rainy and a bit chilly,(who said being in a race team was glamarous.LOL)

qualiyfing was dry on saturday morning but still very windy,and the boys where struggerling again on a track they dont know.

but come the first race saturday afternoon it was chucking it done,which the lads dont mind.they both where doing really well moveing through the field passing people in real bad conditions,but as simon was chaseing luke he made a move on stu mclure number 9 and and lost it at coppice(at least he was trying)

fortunately si was fine just a dented pride,and the bike was ok to,just a few scuffs and and worn out mushrooms.luke went on to finish 8th just pipped on the last corner(well done mate)and lost 7th.

after getting simons bike back from the kitty litter i had some work to do(how do they hold so much gravel)

i stripped it down gave it a wash and was shocked how little damage ther was,by this time it was getting late,so i said sod it i will put it back together in the morning.im off to the pub.:smiley:

sunday morning was dry which was a shock.and i was up early to sort the bike out.anyone whos camped at donny knows your up early.(bl**dy planes)

with the bike sorted we where ready for race two.

both guys got caught up with the pack into the first corner and after settleing down simon moved past a few people and was chaseing ryan lowe number 43 and made a huge gap from the guys behind. he was in 14th until he had a couple of moments right near the end and finished 15th.

luke was doin ok but just couldnt get his rythm,(is he just a rain demon) and was disaponted with 17th after doing so well in the wet.

anyway well done lads, another great weekend dispight the weather looking forward to snetterton 13/15 june.

but its know time to start getting a bit more competerive,untill now we have left the bikes stock.and we now need to start thinking about gearing and suspension set up,thats pretty much all you can change but makes a huge difference at this level.

thanks to everyone in the KTM paddock for a great weekend see you all at snet.