KTM Duke 690 R

Stolen from Lower Sydenham area last night at 2359, VRN GN10 HMF, has scratches down both sides on the white panels, top box rack!, hand guards, touring wind screen and ergo seat. Had alarm, Data Tagged and was under a cover. No chain or disc lock, hind sight etc.

It was parked on my drive, normally has a car in front of it, needed the car for work though. Was taken by two people and it was pushed along by another bike, the alarm was last heard going NE on Priestfield road.

Any help in locating it would be greatly appreciated.

PS Never post on here as i’m not funny but loittering most nights and enjoy the threads.

Bad news, post it on; http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/forum.php too.

it will probly end up in bellingham no dought kids 1 with a scooter allso probly stolen try the houseing astates around there my friends scooter got stolen last year we took a ride around and found a part of it on the side of the road about 20 mins later he found it in a garden.

best of luck geting it back mate