Kryptonite key found

Bit of a long shot but while I was locking my bike up near Sloane Square this morning I found a kryptonite key on the ground, I don’t suppose anyone is missing theirs or knows someone who is?

Locks are pretty useless if you don’t have the key, if someone needs this I’d like to get it back to them.


Is this a modern retelling of the Cinderella story?

I assume Cinders has to provide a lock that the key fits :upside_down_face:

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I’ll help you out.

It’s not mine.

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Haha cheers @eezie I’ll eliminate you from my enquiries at once :rofl:

@Pat Not quite Cinderella, there was a bike in the same bay locked with a kryptonite lock which was there all day and was still there when I left.
I didn’t wanna go fiddling with someone else’s locks to see if it was their key but I can imagine what a pain it’d be if they’d lost their key with the lock still on their bike.
It would of course be most welcome if it belonged to a beautiful princess in desperate need of a husband, but I think we’d be more on the lines of The Frog Prince. Except I wouldn’t turn into a prince.

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Not wanting to jump to any assumptions here but what did you do with the key and did you leave a note on the nearby Kryptonite locked motorcycle?

I have the key in my pocket, I was going to leave a note but I’m a bit apprehensive about leaving my contact details attached to something in the street (no good deed goes unpunished etc.)

I’ve just seen that the bike’s still there. It’s next to a rather large shop so I think I’ll give the key to the shop’s lost property and leave a note on the lamp post next to the bay :+1:

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Leave a note to say you saw a post on here and tell them to look it up, then the site may get another new member and good PR.


Why leave a note on the lamp post? Leave a note on the motorcycle or better still on the Kryptonite lock.

I left it on the lamp post where everyone could see it as I didn’t know for sure that it belonged to that bike (if I was sure it belonged to that bike I probably would have tried to slip it under the seat) I did also have the thought that if it DID belong to that bike and I singled it out and told everyone where they can get the key for its lock, anyone could just claim the key and push it away.

All is well again in any case, as I handed the key to lost property and put the note up and the bike was gone by the evening. Whether or not it was actually their key I guess I’ll never know :slightly_smiling_face:

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You cannot leave us all hanging like this! you need to go back to the shop see if the key was claimed and it was for that bike.