I cannot sing the praises of this pricey kit enough. You gets what ya pays for.

The US-10 tailpack is just enough to carry the essentials like waterproofs on a sportsbike (ZX6R). At various times I had waterproof trous, spare gloves and a camcorder shoved in there or 2 piece waterproofs with room left over. It’s 100% waterproof (tested!) and clips on and off easily. The US-20 is bigger, I didn’t try it but definitely for more hard-core touring because it sits larger on your bike. The 10 is more innocuous.

The R3 waistpack seems a bit small at first. However, it’s comfy, nay even supportive of your lower back. Its 3 litres were enough to fit a small medical kit, leatherman, visor sponge, satnav and GPS track recorder too - stuff you might cram in pockets or leave behind. I’d rigged a SIGG bottle to the side with hydration tube. I wouldn’t like to have anything bigger on my back on that kind of bike - maybe their hydration carrier, or the R8. Again, the R3 withstood a shower with ease.

I’m going to try the US-20 on my Fazer and I’m thinking about the hydration carrier or a smaller 15-20 litre backpack (the US-10 clips to all of those).

I agree 100%
I have got the US-20 tailpack & the R35 rucksack. The rucksack is too big for every day use, but when going away for a couple of days it is superb.
Very good kit.

me too, ive got the r25, and use my us-10 to attatch to the backpack, it makes a brilliant tough combination for travelling.

Might sound a random question, but does anyone know any US / Canadian based webstores that have the kriega range?

Ive been looking at getting the tail pack (10 or 20) for a while and REALLY want the R35 backpack since trying one at peterbro show…

The reason i ask is that DRZ has been buying up half the US stocks for his bike and seems to have saved almost the same as he has spent - Hoping to eploit or fine £ against the US or Canadian dollar if i can and save some dough!

Good point Il Bandito, I think I have a USA store linked from my web travels, I’ll check when I get home. They are certainly there, you get some hits when you search for kriega on

For starters. The £95 r35 is $155. Postage?

Just thought id update:

Ive now had my Kriega R35 for a couple of weeks after getting a deal o fleabay…


Big enough for a fullface helmet, holds all my gear with room to spare and is comfy as hell…

Only slight downside is the zip up pannel that secures the bag - It sits right over my inside pocket where i keep my phone (Which i use for Sat Nav)…

So i moved it to the outside pocket and it still works fine… just a bit less weather proofed.


Definately, I swear by my R35, it’s invaluable as I carry so much equipment around quite often and I don’t feel any of it on my shoulders! Very handy with the front pouch as well for essentials.

I too have an R35 plus the US 10, but do not have the same positive view re the R35. The top straps are not long enough / do not adjust enough for the ahem! larger person. This means that the front pouch sits right up on the top of my chest and works into the bottom of my neck on a long ride. My chest size is 48 which is not Bob Sap size by any means. The side straps are also at their longest adjsutment and only just allow the zip to do up.

I would also question the measurements. I have another rucksack by Lowe Alpine and that is twice the size, but is also 35 litres. I had to buy it as I cannot fit a suit, shirt and shoes into the R35.

Cant comment on the ‘size’ issue here, but i can see that possibly being a problem due to slightly limited adjustment options…

With refrence to the volume - I fitted an almost full 35 litre bag INSIDE the R35… So im not too worried about that.

Whats the US10 like? Do you leave the attachment straps on the bike all the time? Considering getting one for when the R35 is too OTT.

Give the Kriega guys a call, they are very helpful and will more than likely be able to adjust it for you.

im the oppersite, cos im so skinny i need the straps tighter,

Bandito, I leave the us10 straps on the bike - they simply go under the seat/cowl and stay there. They may flap around if you’ve nowhere to tuck them.

I’m currently trying the R20 for carrying a laptop. I’m not planning on stuffing anything else in there - just to keep a laptop safe and dry and on my person when I’m paying for petrol.