Kriega sling and us20 waterproof bags

Selling two items, both purchased about 2 years ago. They’ve had minimal use, I only ride occasionally on weekends.

Kriega sling bag - retailed at £99 am selling for £70 or make an offer. Note that there is a new version of this. Mine is the prior version available 2 years ago.

Kriega US20 - retailer at £119 am selling for £90 or make an offer.

Great bags and am sure other Kriega owners will attest.

I’m might take the 20l bag,just have to wait till I get home to check what one I already have ,think I have the 5l and 30l at home,are all straps included.

Yup. All straps that came with it. Let me know. I’ve also advertised on Facebook marketplace. But I would rather find a buyer here. Should’ve done that to begin with.

Hi how about 60 quid for the 20l,seems to be the going rate on eBay.