Kriega Rucksacks

Well most people would want to compromise on biking gear. But if like me, you spend every minute of your free time on your bike, then it pays to have the best kit available.

I’ve been a fan of Kriega stuff when I went and got myself a US20 tailpack for that odd weekend away. Impressed with how waterproof it was and its ease of use, I went and got myself a US10 to turn it into a US30 tail pack.

I then realised I needed a suitable bag for commuting because my Boblbee megalopolis was becoming that bit uncomfortable on the lower back. It does look awesome and tecchy but it’s cumbersome when you’re in a crowded room and the shape of the moulding doesn’t make efficient use of the available volume. So I ended up getting Kriega R20. Because I loved the R20 so much, and since I already have a US30, I went and got myself an R30! :smiley:

Here are my video reviews for them - but look down for the summary

**Boblbee Megalopolis Sport
Kriega R20
Kriega R30

**Kriega R20 **


  1. Can fit a 14" laptop
  2. Has spare space to fit a change of clothes for the office (1x trousers and a work shirt and shoes)
  3. Uber comfortable due to shoulder cutouts when in the riding position
  4. Compression straps can reduce the size of the bag to whatever size is required
  5. Quadlock system and adjustable harness to ensure conforming fit
  6. Weight carried on your chest
  7. Can fit US10
  8. 10 Year warranty


  1. Only drizzle proof - so please use a drybag if you have sensitive equipment or carrying documents
  2. £££
  3. I lost the receipt for the warranty - the bag was yanked by a handler when at the airport and ripped the shoulder strap stitching away from inside the bag!

Kriega R30


  1. Can fit a 14" laptop
  2. On top of that, you can fit 3-4 days worth of shopping as well as the laptop!
  3. Articulation on the shoulder harness combined with the quadlock means that you can wear it on a race suit with a hump and still feel comfortable.
  4. Compression straps can reduce the size of the bag to whatever size is required just like the R20
  5. Increased carrying capacity. Pretty much like having a US30 on your back! But very comfortable
  6. Weight carried on your chest.
  7. Fully waterproof
  8. Can fit US10
  9. 10 Year warranty


  1. Even more £££££ But should be the ONLY backpack you will EVER need to buy

Boblbee megalopolis


  1. Can fit a 14" laptop
  2. Doubles up as a CE level 2 back protector
  3. I crashed whilst wearing it and prevented me from sliding under a truck!
  4. Looks mega trick - like a rocket pack
  5. Airliner cabin certified
  6. £50 when I got it
  7. Waterproof


  1. RRP is £££ - £150 for megalopolis aero
  2. Shoulder harness whilst it is neatly padded, it isn’t as ergonomic as the kriegas
  3. Large and cumbersome
  4. Inefficient use of volume due to butt scoop!

So yeah, if you are too pikey and only want to get a half arsed job of a rucksack… you’ll live to regret it!