Komoot app?

Morning all,

Know there are some cycling types on here, anyone use komoot?

Is it any good?

@AndyCr15 is your man for cycling apps

I’ve downloaded it and played with it but not really used it. I do know that it comes highly recommended by many.

There is also https://www.cyclestreets.net which is very good for routes, it lets you fine-tune your selection between quickest and quietest, but it is horribly clunky to use; needs a big UI overhaul.

What are you planning, a day spin in the countryside, or a new commute across the city? Different tools are better for one than the other.

Depends what you want it for. I have never used Komoot, used ride withgps for free route planning but now I have a paid strava account, I tend to use that with the heatmaps. For mtb, I use trailforks a bit as well.

I’ve tried using Komoot but it’s a bit crap to be honest. I stick with planning routes using Strava or a good old-fashioned OS map!

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I thought it was shit tbh. Strava seems to be the best for recording times etc.

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This tbh. If you’re asking about planning routes, I love that you can just give the app some parameters (So, 40 miles, flat, paved roads) and it will throw you three options based on how popular the roads are around you, meeting the criteria you gave, as best it can. I discovered some great routes and roads around me using this last year.

If you’re talking recording the ride, I would say buy a Wahoo of some kind :slight_smile:

I’ve not lived in my area long, so was just looking for some weekend routes.

@bluelagos I use Strava to track my fitness etc, but other than that I’m not a fan of it.

I wanted to get out for a quick ride yesterday so just got my area for komoot, and have to say it actually did ok.

Munchies battery life but got me a quick, nice decent 20 mile ride (used someone else’s).

Will look into the others though.

Thanks All

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Strava stripped back a lot of the free features last year so if you have the free version you can’t plan routes anymore, they often do a free months trial though.
Ride with gps has routes saved by other people that you can search by area and distance and download for free (or they did last time I used it.)

Where abouts are you based? I have a few routes around the surrey hills (I live about 5 miles from box hill), although I’ve not done a lot of road riding in the last year.

And not only that they dumped support for a lot of extras even in the paid version. I switched from Endomondo because they had done something similar, paid for annual subscription to Strava, and then 5 months later they also dumped those features. So I dumped Strava.

I think Endomondo are no more - they defo said they weren’t supporting it anymore - hence why I switched to Strava.

Was walking the other day in a field (as you do) - and Strava was fck all use for telling me where I was, as the detail was very limited. OS Maps are good for that - but I was annoyingly on a different map to the ones I’d bought.


Been using Komoot for cycling. The route planner is decent. Can also discover routes by others as mentioned above. Can do filters based on distance and difficulty. Think it does the calculation based on distance and elevation changes.

I think Strava changed ownership or something in the last year as they’ve started putting things back in (like connecting Bluetooth devices). They changed the free model to encourage more to pay, as they are actually adding things and improving the service now. I love it’s auto route builder in the app. It found me some great new routes last year.

Can Komoot do that? (Might be interested if it can) As in, can you say ‘I want a 50 mile route, on roads, flat as possible’ and it builds you some, based on your location?

I think the one problem when Strava does that, it bases it on heatmaps, but those can be spoilt by commuters on main roads, rather than people enjoying nearby country lanes.

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