Know of any 'fun' bikin roads inside the M25 ?

Been in london for 10 months now and finding increasingly that if i’v got an hour or so free and fancy a short blast to blow some cobwebs away i still have to get on the M3/4/ or 40 and get beyond the M25 first.
Now thats not a real problem and i’m not complaining but would be nice to know if there are any hidden gems that people know about or do i need to time travel back 25 years or so ?:smiley:

I’m not too sure about your side of town, I’ll bare it in mind if I’m out that way. For me though, when I’m in the area the little route through the limehouse link, over the Lower Lea crossing then right at the round about past the thames barrier and left past city airport over the docks and right then flat out to Gallions reach and a bit of knee down practice then back into town.

Town can be fun but you have to be on it if you want to go quick, I guess years working on a bike help.

There has to be a fun route near you, there are some fun roads out near Burnham but that doesn’t really answer the question though.

Good question though…




then have a look around :smiley:

That first “Here” points to my house:D

Z11, have you tried going over Epping Forest way?

There are some nice roads at the back of Chingford going to Waltham Abbey and on to Nazeing. A section called The Crooked Mile is a particularly nice bit;)

as chunky says zeph come out up my way, im only at teh end of the A406, we have some pukka roads aye chunks! the CMile is one of them!:smiley:

Zeph, as you are out my way (i think), i just head down to Swakelys then have a bit of a pootle up round Harefield, Rickmansworth and that general area, some smashing little roads and pretty empty too

Or head out towards Iver / Pinewood area and you should find some fun roads out that way too

But still outside the M25 really i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it :smiley:


Afro, that second link is great but it does prove his point, not 1 of the routes is within the M25 if oyu look for UK, South East and London options

Lazy fooks :rolleyes:


Hit the A217 (Garratt Lane) from Wandsworth late enough for an interesting albeit short twisty section of road.

Just looked at a map and Harefield is actually within the M25 so the nice roads there are within the M25 :smiley:

Plenty of nice little back roads near west kingsdown meopham area, also just a little further out near oxstead, westerham area.

There’s some intersting roads / roundabouts Epsom way but the Police know all about them so be carefull!