Hey peeps……not been on for a long time…been well busy!!!

anyway…been out for a blast most of the day up to “on ya bike” and given the bike a bit of stick… on the way home it started to make a knocking sound from somewhere around the front??? It only seems to happen when accelerating? It seems fine when going at a steady pace.

Its not engine related but for some reason I think it seems to come from the gearboxish area? (Makes a noise just after I change up a gear and pour some power on)… I did think it might be the brake pads clanging around…but hey….wadda I know

Any thoughts?



Have you checked your chain tension Nick?

yeah that seems ok…hmmm…wonder if i have a tight spot on the chain…?

oh yeah…forgot to say it’s a gixxer 6 k4 17k on the clock…!

tight spot on the chain! thats what it sounds like to me! had the same problem a couple of months back.