Knee Sliders...

As it says,

anyone got any knee sliders they dont use or dont want?

fresh ones, not used (unless they got plenty of meat on them)…will swap them for a mashed pair of sparkys?

i am not working at the mo so on the ponce:D

other slider is almost same but not as opened up, genuine use!! Pm me if your dont want to be named:D


Are you suggesting your old ones might suit somebody who cant get it down? :smiley: (or up perhaps?):smiley:

Oi Ratster…as i told ya i’ll swap you a new pair for a used pair:D you know where i am…

Can I just lend you mine and have em back scuffed?;):smiley:

i’ve got a few old pairs i wouldn’t mind swapping for some new pairs!!! SOunds like a cracking deal! Pretty please!

Hehe bring em along to the LB trackday mate :wink:

yup i keep the puck but you have the velcro!?

dont cos you wont get em back!:smiley: