Knee,Elbow and Head Down WITHOUT crashing......

NUTS! can someone get it that it shows the video instead of just the link…:wink:

bloody hell!!! how much fun does that track look? so open and fast…

Can certainly ride

Woah! That is awesome :smiley:

Fcuk me!!! one of the coolest track videos I have ever seen…

sweet as

i wana do that…

with your helmet hehe

Banging! Good to see Mat Mladin enjoying his time off lol

Nice save at 3.10 too.

i wonder what tyre he was using. I’m assuming a PR2 would have spat him off ages ago!:w00t:

a bit of a cheat as the road was banking and the speed was keeping the bike on the track:)) none the less crazy video. I watched the other videos and I was scared… too fast for my comfort zone.

It’s the new (so new it’s not on Google maps yet) Chuckwalla raceway near Palm Springs in California:

lol, Andrei you updated your post just as I posted this :smiley:

ha ha nice one. Me thinks I needs a trip to vegas see me uncle then ehad down there. I can probably buy a motorbike for that then re-sell it.

I was thinking if he had a proper leather outfit he would go even faster, I bet all them fringes are not very aerodynamic:D


like the ghillie suit!! i’m guessign his a serving sniper maybe?

bonkers tho getting his head down, truely mad!:w00t:

Apparently ex infantry Recon, probably still shoot his own men though:D

lol typical septic:D