Knee down tutorial

Here’s another usefull knee down vid from MCN

I’ll be doing that sunday

check this out

Have not looked at the vids posted yet but how do I get my head from here to ---- here, I move my head over a mile but when I look at the pix taken its about 2inchs

…Need to try harder & stop being a girl methinks


Picture 02a.jpg

From a purely “looking at that photo, and laws of physics point of view” perhaps you’d need to use your knee to lift the bike further upright, allowing you to pin it harder and go quicker through the turn, also meaning you’d need more weight off the bike on the inside of it, thus shifting all of you down and off the bike further…getting you nearer the position you need…alternatively…get you knee up higher…so it isn’t touching down…and trust in the tyres to pin it harder…and lean EVERYthing over further…

Green H what your saying make sence ill give them both a try at BoxHill in an Hour and let you know, how it went?

Thanks Dude

Like with this guy he’s leant off more with the bike more upright so his body is over further.



Na thats not what I want I actually want a tiny bit more lean angle & a more off da bike body position, like Stoner and Pedrosa in this pic.



Picture 01.jpg

I thought the idea was to lean off the bike to keep it more upright, so more tyre contact on the road and the knee going down was a consequence of this, like a trigger to say that you’re over far enough. Is that right ?

yes and no - you have to make a concious decision to lower your chest, and make more of a 90 degree angle with your side arm. if you do get your weight more effectively off you’ll either need more speed or less angle.

you might even be leaning off a bit too much. personally on the left i can do it much more easily than on teh right as i seem to not get such a good lock on with my outside leg and hold the bars slightly more. prob due to being right handed.

i’d work on relaxing/body position, and actively try to stick your head down by your mirrors. you’ll prob get knee down less tho when you’ve cracked it

Thats partly true the other reasons are: It looks great to have your bike right over on its side & feels even better, draging a peg along the deck is Fin wicked and I can do what that guy on the R1 is doing but I prefer Stoners style (No 27)

Im Gonna try putting all the advice to work along with getting my clutch arm straighter and tucked right in like Stoner

Its all a question of speed my dear boy. You will not look like Stoner et al as they are going much quicker then you’ll ever be able to. If you try hanging off like them you will probably end up on your arse… again

was I the only one about to laugh if they dropped it. Is that cruel?

like it!

I shall wait for a trackday, nothings impossible.

the pic of the guy on the red r1 is a tad dodgy. he’s got his knee down with none or very little lean…maybe he should take up gymnastics with moves like that

ONe way that might help is to turn in the opposite shoulder to the corner… So if your going round a right hander, right knee out, shift your left shoulder forward, that will put more of your body off the bike…