Knee dow... knee IN!!




And mirror in too! :w00t:

shakey from fastbikes in the office :slight_smile:

indeed…bloody close!!

Bloody close one… bet his arse puckered up a bit :smiley:

i dout he batted an eye lid :smiley:

I would have shat myself doing that… but then, i am a KD virgin…alas :w00t::w00t:

Thats SRADs for ya;):P:D

had a few…AHEM…moments, as curtis can confirm:D:w00t:

NEVER that close tho!:smiley:

Eeeekkkkk! Bet the car driver was scared too. :w00t:

I did exactly the same but with my right shoulder…shattered his window…

pretty scary for a few seconds, mates said it looked super cool tho:D

That video of shakey in france with rob frost and gary mason etc is one of the best bike videos around…

ride like nutters but great wheelies:D:P

Absolutely mate, balls of steel us SRAD riders!! :w00t:

Are we the only two who noticed what the bike was do ya think?!? :wink: :smiley:

wow what a close shave

jeeez, bet he crap his pants!!!

Mirrored his eyelid more like!:smiley: