KITT lives again......

Searching for Pamela Anderson pics when you found that? :P:D

Cool but its no Pontiac Trans-Am! Whos gonna play the Hoff??? :cool:

just read on! see its Justin Bruening??? who???

looks like a chump

Pamela Anderson v. Knight Rider? I don’t see the connection G - perhaps you’re confusing me with your own personal fetishes. LoL

All this talk of Knight Rider started me thinking about this. I used to love watching this when I was younger :w00t:

Quick trivia question (easy one) what did KITT stand for? Also, what was the originial prototype called and what what did that stand for too?

I know KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand

but dont know the answer to the other question

The new KITT looks the NUTS! :stuck_out_tongue:

GREAT car. I want one :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Mustang is far better and more aggressive looking than the old Trans-Am.